Documents required by the Libyan port authorities from the vessel for pratique :
  • 5 copies Crew list.
  • 2 copies Crew / store declaration.
  • 3 copies Cargo manifest
  • 1 copy Shipp's currency declaration
  • 2 copies Narcotic list
  • 1 copy Ship's provision declaration
  • Cargo manifest to be translated into Arabic by the agent
  • Cargo manifest should indicate both measurement in cbm and metric ton

  • Tug boat / Pilot age is compulsory
  • Working hours 07:30 to 17:30 hours
  • Vessel max age 20 years
  • Gearless vessels need advance permission Vessel max age 20 years
  • No Israeli flag to be kept on board
  • No Israeli product of any type to be kept on board, even empty cartons
  • Sex videos cassette, CD or magazines are to be kept outside bond store.
  • No alcohol, products can be kept outside bond store even for for personal use
  • Vessels who have called Israel in the past are not allowed to call any Libyan port even if vessel had previously called Israel under different name and / or ownership